Top 5 True Crime Podcasts

I’ve been obsessed with true crime stories for as long as I remember. In junior high all the way through college, my mom and I would sit down and watch Unsolved Mysteries, 48 Hours, Dateline, and Cold Justice (a personal favorite). Suddenly, a couple of years ago, her TV package got Discovery ID. That was easily the best and worst thing ever. When I lived at home I spent 75% of my time watching true crime shows.

Clearly, podcasts are all the rage right now. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t listen to at least one podcast! The thing I love about them is that I can learn so much while doing other things. I don’t have to sit in front of the TV or sit down to read a book to learn something. I just pop my earbuds in and I can clean, cook, or get ready to go out. It makes me feel like such a productive human!

Since I’m obsessed with mystery and crime, I thought I would share my top 5 true crime podcasts. They are so addicting, but worth it!

Criminology is hosted by Mike and Morf. These two guys jump into some of the most notorious crimes of the past. Season one revolves around the crimes involving the Zodiac Killer, while the second season focuses on the Golden State Killer/ East Area Rapist/ Original Night Stalker. These seasons are roughly 10-11 episodes a piece, and go into extreme detail to let you in on every little thing surrounding these cases. They even have some exclusive interviews with the victims of these cases. Seasons 3 and 4 delve into DNA, and it’s significance in solving crimes. Mike and Morf are able to connect the dots in cases, which draws you in!

Crime Junkie is hosted by Ashley and Brit, who seem to be two super nice people. They go over some cases that are relatively unheard of. Crime Junkie has almost 70 episodes up – many of which are unsolved cases. The hosts are really relatable, which helps the episodes feel personal and make the content understandable. Awesome podcast!

True Crime Garage is a podcast I just recently started listening to. I love this podcasts for a couple of different reasons: The episodes are usually 2 – 3 parts long, and these guys make me laugh. It never gets boring because they give just enough detail without droning over things for too long. Sometimes series are nice, but 2 – 3 episodes makes this podcast so enjoyable. The Staircase and Brianna Maitland were two of the most interesting cases they have covered. I thoroughly enjoy listening to them!

The Monster podcast revolves around two serial killers: The Atlanta Child Murderer and The Zodiac Killer. Season one is focused on the Atlanta Child Murderer, and season two is focused on the Zodiac Killer. Season one wasn’t my favorite, but listening to season two hooked me. There is something about an old, creepy case that always keeps me listening. The early stages of crime solving were intense 50 years ago. I love this podcast because it is really cool to hear how the police in the 60’s and 70’s gathered information to try to solve this case.

Up and Vanished is a podcast that so many people have probably heard about. Season one revolved around the disappearance/murder of Tara Grinstead. She disappeared over 13 years ago, and little had been discovered in her case until 2017, thanks to this podcast. Season one covered 24 episodes, which will keep you listening for hours!

Season two of this podcast covers the disappearance of Kristal Reisinger from a small town in Colorado. There are currently 12 episodes of season two, but things have been put on hold as the investigation is still taking place.

Here are a couple of podcasts I think are worth mentioning. I included them in this section because these cases had a finite ending and will no longer continue producing podcasts. They are really interesting anyhow!

The Teachers Pet is a really interesting story about Lyn Dawson who disappeared in the early 1980’s. Her husband, who was a gym teacher, seemed to be fond of one of his female students. Lyn didn’t like this at all, and her husband became abusive and controlling because of it. This is a disturbing story of teacher-student relations, and the disappearance of Lyn Dawson. If this sounds interesting to you, you will definitely need to listen!

Dirty John is the crazy story of Debra Newell and her love interest named John Meehan. What goes on in this relationship is pretty frightening and intriguing. There are only 6 episodes in this series, but you will be hooked throughout. I’m pretty sure I finished this in less than a day!

Which true crime podcasts would you recommend? I always enjoy listening to new content!

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