My Hair Care Routine for Long, Dry Winter Hair

I hate this time of year. When I say that, what I mean is I REALLY HATE THIS TIME OF YEAR. As soon as November rolls around, I start to get the dry skin patches on my face and elbows. My cuticles start drying out. No matter how much lotion I use, my hands get dry, scaly, and cracked.

The same goes for my hair.

I wouldn’t say my hair is the longest, but I would claim that it was the driest I’d ever seen a couple of months ago. My medium brown hair has been highlighted by balayage. Only twice have I done this. My hair stylist did such a great job. I had no dryness after getting it done, but it seemed as if over time with styling and blow drying, my hair had turned into straw.

I tried what felt like everything – masks, olive oil, deep conditioners, YOUNAMEITIMOSTLIKELYTRIEDIT. Then, it seemed as if everything fell into place. I had a new routine and the silkiness returned after a couple of weeks. Now, I’m not telling you that my hair is perfect. My hair usually dries into a kinky rats nest until I can tame it with heat, but my routine now has helped SO MUCH!

My shampoo (Pureology Pure Volume) is the most expensive thing I use. Unfortunately, it is discontinued now, and I can’t tell you how sad that makes me. The smell is heavenly, the lather is amazing, and it’s sulfate-free. It’s a win-win-win. There is nothing I don’t like about this shampoo, except when it runs out on me 😒 I’ve read that Pureology replaced the Pure Volume System with something called Clean Volume, so it could be worth a try! If I were you, I’d scour the internet until you can find it (by it I mean Pure Volume). I’m probably hyping it up too much, but I have no idea how my hair is going to live (or stay stylishly dead?) for the next 60 years without this stuff.

I don’t know about you guys, but I wash my hair about every third day. This saves me from drying my hair out even more during the winter time (and year round). Sometimes it’s inevitable that I will have to wash my hair more frequently, but every third day is ideal. This helps keep my hair moisturized, and my shampoo lasts so much longer!

The best tip I can give anyone is to only shampoo your scalp, and that’s it! Anymore than that, and you are wasting your shampoo, and making the ends of your hair dry.

My favorite conditioner is the Biolage Hydrasource Conditioner. I will usually shampoo my roots, and apply this to the ends of my hair. I’ll let both the shampoo and conditioner stay on my hair for a couple of minutes and give it a quick rinse.

As soon as I am out of the shower, I spray my hair with Biolage Leave In Tonic.

I only spray the ends of my hair, and about 6 inches up. I let this sit in for a little while before I start to comb out the rats. The Leave In Tonic helps make the hair brushing go so much easier! Have I mentioned how good this stuff smells??

After brushing, I use 2 pumps of Biolage Exquisite Oil to cover the ends of my hair. This makes my hair so soft and helps combat all the nasty static cling I get in the winter!

I try to let my hair air dry as much as possible, but if you need to style your hair, go for it!

I know it sounds like I’m a Biolage fanatic, but I’ve been using their stuff since I was a little girl. I strayed from it for a while to try to save money, but in the end, I’m happy with spending the money for my hair to be a little healthier! In all honesty, I find them to be pretty affordable for what you get. I bought a new round of conditioner, spray, and oil last November and I’m only half way through it. It can be extremely affordable if you can get them on sale at Ulta, which happens pretty frequently!

What is your routine to help your hair in the winter??

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