DIY Spring Wreath

If my calculations are correct, there are exactly 20 days until spring. I have no idea if it will actually be sunny or even a little warm at that time, but I can’t wait.

Here in Montana, these past days have been too cold and too snowy. I think we have got around a foot of snow this week. The roads have been awful, and I’ve had to stay inside for most of it. This time of the year gets me down, as I love being outdoors and it’s completely impossible right now.

The view from my bedroom is shown above. This was appealing roughly 2 months ago, but now I just want it to go away!

I’ve been going crazy with cabin fever, and decided I needed to ‘spring’ things up a little bit inside the apartment. I still had most of my winter decorations up from Christmas, and decided to put those away.

Now, I’m not the most crafty person to ever live. I usually have to search Pinterest for some inspiration, but I already had an idea of what I wanted to make. I ran to Michael’s, my go-to craft shop and picked up some supplies for a spring wreath.

I hate being indecisive and had to walk up and down the aisles SEVERAL times just decide on the color I wanted to go with. Once I did that, I picked up two or three things and put them in my cart, only to return them all and pick up something else completely different 😂 I am this way in nearly every situation I am in, and it makes life SO DIFFICULT! Raise your hand if you’re with me!

  • 1 grapevine wreath: $4.99
  • 2 flowers of choice (2 stems each): $14
  • 1 leafy/foliage stem: $ 3.50
  • 1 block of brown wire: $2.50

Everything I bought was on sale, so all of my materials ended up costing me about $25, but most of the pre-made wreaths they had there were $40 – $100, so I’m saving a little bit of money! I chose to go with a pink theme, but you can choose anything that you want!

I love trying to be creative, and honestly, this was SO easy!

I started by placing some flowers in opposite directions on the wreath. I tucked the stem in between some of the twigs to anchor the pieces down. I also used wire to make it more secure.

Tying down the some of the pieces is tedious work, but it must be done! I hid the excess wire by tucking it into the vines.

Next, I placed the foliage where I wanted it, and tied it down with some wire.

I finished the wreath up by placing some flowers to fill the gap between the two directions of foliage. I tied those flowers down, and used some extra pieces to fill in some of the gaps to give the wreath a fuller look. This was probably one of the easiest crafts I’ve ever done, and it took me no time at all. I was done in about 30 minutes!

I put a nail in the wall, and hung it up! Hopefully it will bring some spring to this apartment. As soon as it gets a little nicer, I will be heading back to the store to pick up some more decorations for more projects 🤓

If you have any suggestions for more decorations/crafts to try, let me know! I’d love to give it a go even if it is a complete fail!

I hope you all are having an awesome week so far! The weekend is almost here!

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