Friday Favorites

This week has absolutely flown by for me. It seems like once springs starts to roll around I have so much to do. I’m sure some of you out there feel the same way! Of course, it wouldn’t be Montana if it wasn’t still snowing, so it’s not exactly spring here yet, but maybe if I think about it hard enough I can will it to come around sooner 😜

I thought it would be a fun switch up to try a Friday Favorites. I know so many people incorporate some sort of ‘favorites of the week’ into their blogging schedule, and I love it! It allows them to cover all sorts of topics and share some things they’re enjoying! I love seeing these. It gives me some ideas of what to do, and what to try. What’s not to enjoy about that?

Here are some of my favorites below!

This coffee shop is exclusive to Missoula, however, I wanted to share it because this place is amazing. They roast their own beans and sell everything online. I’m made it my life’s goal (I really hope it doesn’t take me that long haha) to try every single coffee shop that Missoula has to offer. This one was the first on my list of places to try. The coolest thing is that they actually have a daily special. I’m currently obsessed with iced americano’s and this place has them on sale for $1.00 on Mondays. How cool is that?? I usually choose the Laura as my espresso of choice. If you love dark, rich, and bold coffee, this is for you. I know the beans are a little expensive, but if you’re looking for something new, this should definitely be on your list!

I used to carry all of my makeup in a gargantuan metal box. I’m not really sure what the point of that was, but I know it was a hassle. Every time I would travel I would have to pick what I wanted to bring and put it in a plastic bag. It was a no fail that during my travels something would completely shatter. I’m heading home in a couple of weeks, and then out to Charleston. I knew I needed something that would protect my makeup a little more than the plastic bag! I ran to target and saw this bad boy. It fits all of my makeup, so I decided to trash the big metal box. Talk about making room in my bathroom!

You can find this at Target or right here for $24.99.

I’ve been trying to get into reading more. I used to read so much when I was in high school, and it was something I loved. In this day and age it’s hard to sit down and take time to relax and read a book. I’ve always felt like I was being lazy when there was so much to do. I’m trying to get rid of those notions because reading is such a positive thing! I’ve found that it helps me relax at the end of the night and gets me doing something other than watching TV during the colder months.

This book has been said to be similar to Grey’s Anatomy (based on Amazon reviews haha). Don’t judge me, as I’ve never watched the show! I picked this book up a week ago and am about halfway through. It follows doctors Zadie and Emma as they navigate their roles in their hospital, relationships at work, and lives at home.

This color is absolutely amazing. I picked this up at Ulta on Monday as a way to prepare myself for spring. The color is pretty opaque, and took two coats to cover my nails. I’ve only had it on for a couple of days, so I can’t speak on the longevity (it’s supposed to last a week), but the flamingo orange color is so beautiful. You can grab one of these for $10.50 here.

I have been listening to Bob and Sheri for ages. Never have they had a podcast episode where I haven’t been entertained. In my dark world that is filled with true crime podcasts, Bob and Sheri bring a little light! They are so funny, and play off each other in a way that I find so comical.

Their oddcast is a short program that runs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s a little more risque and covers topics that can’t be talked about on live radio. If you want to switch things up, give Bob and Sheri a try!

Happy Friday you guys! I hope you have a great weekend!

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