3 Awesome Cookie Recipes

Sometimes I get the craziest urges to bake. It usually hits me once a week, but somehow I’ve gone 2 whole weeks without baking! It has taken so much strength to not run to the store, pick up a huge bag of flour, and bake.

Good cookies are hard to come by in my house. I’m always the one who is holding back some butter, adding a little splenda, or leaving out an ingredient all together. I don’t know why I do this. I somehow think that my cookies will be just as good as the recipe I’m following without a couple ingredients. It’s almost as if I can’t control myself.

Does anyone else find themselves not following the recipe exactly?

My baking is honestly horrific. I can only think of a couple of time I baked something free handed and was extremely impressed with myself. It’s a rarity, and that’s why making up my own recipes is a no-no. Unfortunately, there are potlucks once a month at my church, and I never know what to bring!

There are SO many kids that attend my church, so I thought “What would be better than cookies?”. I scoured the web for recipes that were highly rated, because I get so shy when it comes to sharing food that I make. I found 3 amazing recipes for cookies that can be mixed up and baked in a jiff.

These definitely don’t need to be shared at potlucks. You can keep them at home and have them for yourself. I’m sure you’ll want to! I know I do!

My husband and I are gluten free, and all of these recipes turn out really well when substituting with GF flour.

The claim of “Best Chocolate Chip Cookie” is no joke. I was skeptical at first, but seeing as this recipe has 250+ comments, I had to try it. I mixed them up quickly – no chilling time needed. After about 8 minutes of baking, they were done. So chewy, so buttery, and I’m sure so not healthy. These are worth making though. There’s no way you can go wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie!

I love raisins. I know I sound like a 5 year old here, but anything fruity and sweet works for me. These cookies have a slight hint of nutmeg and ginger which sets them apart from other oatmeal cookies. If you prefer chocolate in your cookies, you could easily swap the raisins for chocolate chips. These are so soft and chewy. I winning combo in my book!

I had to sign in through Google to see this recipe:


This recipe for oatmeal cookies has awesome reviews. I was torn between the two, but went with the NY Times one. The recipe below will be the one I try next.


Chocolate on chocolate is too addicting for me. These were so good that I ate 2 as soon as they came out of the oven 😂 These bake up to be brownie-esque with gooey chocolate chunks in them. I’m trying to save these for our upcoming potluck, but I may just have to make another batch. All I can say is make these now!


I love trying new recipes, so if you have a favorite cookie recipe let me know! My husband will be eternally grateful😜 Have a great day!

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