A Day in Whitefish, MT

The sun has been shining here for almost two whole weeks. It’s amazing! This past weekend it was in the 50’s here, so I knew that I needed to get out and do something. Ryley and I had decided that we wanted to drive to Whitefish, which is about 2.5 hours away from Missoula. The drive is so beautiful that I thought I would share some pictures of the drive up and back.

I knew that when I moved to Missoula that the mountains would lose a little bit of their awesomeness, because I will see them everyday. That is the case to a certain extent, unfortunately. I’ve driven north more times than I can count, and the it never ceases to amaze me. Pictures don’t do it justice!

Of course, every good day starts with coffee. Ryley and I have started a new routine where we try a new coffee place every weekend. He always orders a hot chocolate (he hates coffee – he’s weird) and I always order an iced Americano. This time we tried a place called Liquid Planet. They have about 9 locations in Montana – all in Missoula. This was one of my favorite Americanos I have tried so far, so if you’re ever in Missoula you should try them out!

The first town with breath taking views that you’ll pass through on your way to Whitefish is St. Ignatius.

I can’t tell you how big these mountains are! You come to the top of a hill and descend into this small town nestled up against the mountains. It’s so beautiful! This mountain range follows you forever, too!

You follow this mountain range to your right hand side for about 20 – 30 minutes until you reach Flathead Lake.

Flathead Lake is one of the clearest lakes I have ever been on! Even at the deepest parts you can see the bottom of this lake. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. If you need a getaway in the summer and love the outdoors, this is perfect! You can rent a boat and cruise in the waters next to the mountains here. I went one July and it was so much fun!

Going further North, you’ll pass Kalispell before you reach Whitefish. There are some things to do here, not a ton though. They have a couple of cute downtown shops such as The Toggery. They also have some nice places to eat! One of my favorites is called Hops.

We finally reached downtown Whitefish 2.5 hours later. It’s super cute!! There aren’t too many shops downtown, but enough to walk for a couple of hours and snoop around in. I’m a sucker for downtown areas with a small/old downtown area. Every vacation I go on I have to go to them. I have no idea why they are so charming to me, but I’m drawn to it! The mountains that surround you while walking around makes the experience so much better.

They have one of the cutest little ice cream shops called Sweet Peaks. I definitely had to stop in here!

Both of us got the honey cinnamon ice cream. Mine was a plain scoop, while Ryley got whip topping and caramel sauce on his. I think he made the better decision. Once I saw his I was definitely a little jealous!

After eating our ice cream we decided to go up to Whitefish Resort. This is a popular place to skiing or snowboarding in Northern Montana. I personally have never been… 1) Skiing scares the crap out of me 2) I will tear both ACL’s 3) I bruise easily. I’ve seen so many videos of people tumbling downhill for 20 minutes straight, and I KNOW that would be me 😜

Still, it was cool to see the resort and all of the people going back and forth down the hills.

After we saw the resort, we decided to head home since it’s a little bit of a drive. We had a great day! Whitefish is one of those places that is absolutely gorgeous to visit year round. I would highly recommend it – Not to mention Glacier National Park is so close! That is a must go, and a place I will be traveling to once it opens!

The drive back is just as pretty has the drive up. You get a different viewpoint, and the sun is always at a different angle which makes the mountains look so different than they did previously. I would definitely recommend taking this drive or trying Flathead Lake or Whitefish for vacation!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a great Monday!

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